Induction Sterilizer Kit Guide

induction sterilizer heating a scalpel


Thank you for purchasing the LightningSpore Induction Sterilizer kit! We hope this product helps you cultivate mushrooms with ease. Before transferring a sample from a petri dish, you should turn on the sterilizer and heat your scalpel blade to red hot. The metal inside of the coil (your scalpel), should get hot quickly. You should only run the device for a maximum of 10-15 seconds at a time, and leave adequate time between usage. This device creates a lot of heat and it is possible to burn-up the electronics or melt the connectors if it is used for too long at one time. During a session the heat might radiate up the scalpel blade, and it could be uncomfortable to hold. In this case, you should bring a small cup of water to cool off the scalpel as needed.

Good luck, happy culting!

Included Items

    • Induction Module
    • Heating Coil
    • Fuse Holder
    • Fuse
    • Wire
    • Power Supply 12V@10A (If Selected)


  • Connect the wires from the 12V and the ground (GND) terminals of the power supply, to the (+) and (-) terminals of the induction module. The proper input to the induction module is the 2 position screw terminal. Be sure to not wire into the module with reverse polarity!
  • From your power supply, install the fuse and fuse holder between the 12V output of the power supply, and the 12V input of the induction module.
  • Screw in the heating coil to the induction module. This gets connected to the 3 position screw terminal. The heating coil should be screwed into the exterior two positions (the far left terminal, and the far right terminal), and the middle terminal should be left unconnected.



how to wire the heating coil to the board

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