Bitcoin Payments Policy

We have adopted a Bitcoin payments policy here at, which provides many benefits to us as a business and for you as a customer.


While there are many ways to use Bitcoin, some more private than others, by accepting Bitcoin directly we allow our customers to have the choice in protecting their identity when ordering our products. In addition, you may have seen other mushroom vendors, who “accept crypto”, and see that they have an integration with Coinbase Commerce or some other centralized “crypto” payment processor. If you use these vendors, you are potentially sharing your information with a 3rd party. At LightningSpore, all of our Bitcoin payment processing is done by our own infrastructure (its pretty easy to do honestly!), so you can be sure that your information is safe with us.

Settlement Finality:

Many online business have to deal with something called “the chargeback problem”. When doing credit card payments, the payment often is not truly final for MONTHS. As a purveyor of physical goods, we aim to ship as fast as we can, with the highest quality that we can. We cannot wait for finality or else people would be very upset. By accepting Bitcoin (onchain and via the Lightning Network), we get around this problem, and can achieve fast settlement of your payment. Since we have confidence in our incoming payments being final, we can offer you better prices, as we don’t have to build in the chargeback risk into our prices.

Product Selection + Simplicity:

Another benefit of our policy is we do not have to worry about credit card companies pulling the rug underneath our payment rails. While all of our product are legal goods, being in the mushroom industry we operate in a slight “gray-zone”. We want to offer the products our customers want, and we do not want to worry whether or not adding a product will jeopardize our relationship with our payment processor. We aren’t going to sell you “smoothies” or “stickers” and then give you a “free” vial of mushroom spores. We do NOT want to play games with our customers, and we definitely do not want to play games with the payment providers.


We hope that you can understand our reasoning for this policy. We also understand that many people might not want to buy and hold Bitcoin. For those people, we have created THIS blog post, which shows you how to pay a Bitcoin Lightning invoice using CashApp or Strike, without creating a Bitcoin wallet. It is exactly like sending cash USD, but uses Bitcoin in the background to facilitate the payment!

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