IoT Thermocouple Sensor

IoT Thermocouple Sensor



This kit contains all you need to build an IoT Thermocouple Sensor. This module has a connector for a K-type thermocouple, which has an extremely large usable range of -200°C to +1350°C (-328°F to +2462°F).

The supported temperature range of this module is perfect for monitoring and automating various mushroom cultivation activities, for example:

  • Pasteurizing Substrate
  • Incubation Chambers

In addition to just providing the hardware, we also have all the software you need in order to integrate this into your grow-room or laboratory. It is all OPEN-SOURCE! If you don’t like our software, you can use it as a reference to build your own!

Code Instructions –> Here


  • SeeedStudio XIAO ESP32S3 MicroController
  • MCP9600 Thermocouple Amplifier Module
  • Wires
  • Instruction Sheet
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